Tits of the Iceberg

Turn Based Attack - Episode 047

October 6, 2019

Published Date: December 11, 2016

We fire up the microphones during a Final Fantasy XV discussion already in progress. Rob provides his spoiler free hot take on the game, having completed it earlier in the week, while Lee provides some insight into the ‘optional’ primers Kingsglaive and Brotherhood. The hosts also discuss Let it Die, the Game Award winners, Hideo Kojima’s new game, the announcements from the PlayStation Experience stage presentation, and much more!

Key Item: Dead Rising

Photojournalist Frank West has 72-hours to expose the zombie outbreak in Willamette, Colorado before the impending cover-up. He’ll use whatever he finds, to chop, shoot, and otherwise incapacitate the hoards of undead and psychos he encounters along the way. Don’t worry. He’s covered wars, you know. (Beat ‘Em Up)